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My wife and I usually spend several months at a time on the road, exploring the country, checking out tourist attractions and visiting those far flung places we’ve always wanted to go. Before retirement, I worked as an engineer for more than thirty years. The introduction of portable, quiet generators was a total game changer, especially for anyone who has ever been scorned by a campground host for using an outdated, over-sized, noisy model.

When my wife and I first decided to travel I put in weeks of research to sift through the leading models of camp generators and RV solar panels. I’m sure glad I did, as this has allowed us to enjoy many of those little comforts of home when we’re on the road.

Our love for the outdoors combined with my interest in the latest solar panel and portable generator technology encouraged me to make this site. My aim is to provide you with a closer look at how these small generators and solar panels work, how they really perform when put to the test, and which models you can really depend on when it matters most.

We hope you continue to visit us often so we can keep you updated on the top models and latest developments in portable power generation.

Thanks for stopping by,

-Cliff Matheson