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Generac 7117 GP2200i Portable Inverter Generator Review

November, 2020

The 7117 GP2200i by Generac is one of their quietest running models to date. It’s versatile, lightweight, easy to use, and offers a great run time for a generator in this price range. It also comes loaded with some essential safety features and a wide range of outlet options, both of which are some of the main reasons this is one of Generac’s leading models. For the price, you’ll be blown away at how efficient this model really is. It also has low maintenance needs and comes loaded with all the right components for a streamlined operation. 

Our Verdict:This generator can offer up to seven hours of run time if you keep it at fifty percent load capacity. Any higher and you can look at four to five hours of run time, depending on the type of device or appliance you’re running and how much voltage it sucks up. Ultimately, it performs much better than other models in this price range, but if you need a generator to power a major appliance this model is not up to the task. Click here to see if it’s still available…

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Overview and Features 

Generac has been producing generators since 1959, and they’re designed for pretty much any application. From large conventional generators to use to power an entire home, to the best camping generator designed for outdoor adventures, this manufacturer has earned a stellar rep as one of the industry’ leading brands.

We were excited to take a look at Generac’s latest model, since they tend to produce some powerful, low priced generators that have a reputation for durability and reliability.

We’re happy to say the 7117 has stuck to that tradition, offering a top notch performance in a compact design that makes this model highly portable.

This model is perfect for camping and tailgating. It produces enough power to keep your stereo, TV, and a couple of other appliances supplied with pure, clean sine wave inverter power. With smaller models that don’t produce many waves, an inverter is a great feature. Because the available constant running wattage isn’t that high, most people tend to run their generators closer to the max constant power rating, usually exceeding seventy-five percent of the generator’s rated output. When a model comes close to the max power output, the harmonic distortion reaches a dangerous level. 

So, what is harmonic distortion, or HD? 

HD is when the sine wave doesn’t resemble a pure curve. The changes in frequency and voltage can cause these irregularities in the sine waves. When you use an oscilloscope to measure a sine wave, the harmonic distortion displays a type of jagged edge, when normally it would be a continuous, smooth line that has a slight curve at the peak. THD, or total harmonic distortion should be less than three percent in order for your appliances and devices to work properly. When the generator exceeds the THD by more than five percent, you’re looking at serious damage to your electronic equipment. Typically, the effects of harmonic distortion aren’t apparent right away. You may only notice a crackle of sound or a little static. It can also affect the image of a computer monitor or TV screen. 

The Camping Generator Saves the Day 

These days, pretty much every home has microprocessors. With most types of devices and appliances, you won’t notice the effects of total harmonic distortion. But whether you are or aren’t aware of it, it can gradually damage electronic circuits. This doesn’t usually happen suddenly, and most people will only realize it has happened once it’s too late. Basically, if you’re going to use a small generator, the pros recommend you protect your appliances and electronics during use, and the inverter generator is the best option. 

In terms of performance, it’s important that you have realistic expectations and a deeper understanding of how inverter generators such as this model by Generac differ from high-powered gas generators.

While you can’t expect this model to compete with a gas-powered generator, it’s still a solid performer and does a great job of managing power, despite its compact size.


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If you’re considering a small inverter generator for your next camping trip, this model by Generac has a lot to offer. It’s fully enclosed design dramatically reduces noise levels, which is exactly what you want in a generator you plan to use at a campsite or RV park. 

It also features TruePower technology, providing stable, clean power that’s perfect for sensitive electronics. 

Since it has a compact, lightweight design and a built-in handle, transporting it is a cinch. 

The generator’s economy mode will automatically adjust the engine speed in order to reduce sound emission and save fuel. 

The built-in LED light indicators will alert you when the generator is ready to use, overloaded, or the oil is running low. 

It also comes with a USB port designed to charge mobile devices. This powerful little USB port will quickly charge up your smartphones and tablets, without the worry of overloading these types of sensitive electronics. 


The low oil shutdown feature protects the engine and will automatically shutdown once low oil levels have been detected. Certain appliances and devices, such as those with higher power needs, can use up the oil supply quickly. This important safety feature will shut the engine off once the oil level is too low, in order to prevent the generator from overheating or causing serious damage to the motor. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t come equipped with overheating protection, which is another great safety feature that can save plenty of wear and tear on the motor. It’s also a safety feature you’ll commonly find on higher priced models, so it comes as no surprise that Generac didn’t include it. Fortunately, the low oil shutdown is by far the most important safety feature to have and it’s essential if you plan to run any type of device during the night. 

Parallel Operation 

This model is approved for parallel use and can connect to another twenty-two-hundred-watt inverter generator for twice the power. Parallel operation is often recommended if you have serious power needs and want to run a larger appliance or electronic device. Doubling up on power will allow you to enjoy a longer run time, plus you can easily run bigger appliances without the fear of maxing out the generator’s power output. 


Generac has done it again by producing a compact, lightweight generator that provides a better than average performance when compared to other generators of this size and price.

The generator has a peak surge and startup wattage of twenty-two hundred watts. This is a modern looking, compact model with a sound insulated enclosure. It’s highly portable and weighs only forty-six and a half pounds. 

It’s powered by an eighty CC OHV engine, which is much larger than the engine used in the PowerPro 56101 inverter generator, one of its top competitors. 

The generator uses a one-gallon tank, which will keep it running for seven hours when at a fifty percent load, which isn’t bad. 

With normal daily use, most users get ten to twelve hours of use per gallon when the generator is kept at twenty-five percent power output. However, fuel consumption will vary, depending on what type of appliances you’re powering and how often. Like most models, it features an eco-mode, which will reduce the engine revs once the load requirement is lower. This helps to reduce noise levels and saves on fuel. Additionally, there’s no chance of running the engine when the oil level is too low, thanks to the automatic shutoff feature. 

Start Up

This model features a recoil start only, which is pretty common for generators of this size. 


The control panel is top of the line. It features tough plastic covers designed to protect all of the outlets, and this model comes loaded with them. Outlet options include a five 20R one-hundred-and-twenty-volt duplex receptible, a twelve-volt DC aux outlet, and a 1.5 A USB outlet. The generator’s port for parallel connection will allow you to hook this model up to another generator for twice the runtime. 


  • Powerful 
  • Loaded with outlets
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Eco-mode 
  • Lightweight 
  • Decent runtime
  • Highly portable 


  • Not a good choice if you need a generator that can run an AC throughout the night
Generac 7117 GP2200i Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating Updated November, 2020: (4/5)

Generac 7117 GP2200i

A great buy for both the camping enthusiast or RV adventurer, the Generac 7117 is a compact, powerful and lightweight generator that will be perfect for your next outdoor or traveling adventure. The lightweight design makes this model highly portable and it offers an above average run time for a generator in this price range. A great buy if you’re looking for a generator you can use with the best RV solar panels, this dependable little generator is a steal for the price. This versatile inverter generator will work for a variety of applications and power needs. It’s easy to use, power efficient and its low maintenance needs make it a great buy for the beginner.

We gave this model a rating of four out of five stars. 

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