Go Power! Weekender ISW Complete Solar and Inverter System review
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Go Power! Weekender ISW Complete Solar and Inverter System Review 

November, 2020

The Go Power! Weekender ISW complete solar and inverter system by Go Power can keep your RV’s battery juiced up by harnessing the power of the sun’s rays. This will allow you to run your favorite electronics without totally draining the RV’s battery. This type of setup is essential if you don’t want to be stuck at a campsite all day in order to power your RV’s battery or you plan on camping out in the backcountry. 

While it may only include a single solar panel, this system has a reputation for providing more than enough power for a long trip on the road. And, while this setup is geared toward RV owners, it’s also a great solution for cabins and overlanding vehicles.

Our Verdict: This is a powerful system that comes loaded with some great features and high quality components. It comes with a top of the line monocrystalline solar panel, designed to provide just enough power to charge your RV battery and allow you to run a single large appliance, such as an AC, or a few small electronic devices. If you need more power, you can opt to expand this system later down the road. A great buy if you need a solar panel system that can keep your battery powered up in between power station stops, this setup will be great to have when you traveling cross country or spending a night at a campsite that doesn’t feature any power hookups. Check current availability..

Read on to learn more about Go Power’s leading solar panel set and find out why it comes highly recommended.

Overview and Features 

This is the perfect solar panel setup if you’re looking for a more cost effective way to travel, or you need a solar panel system you can depend on if you’re mainly traveling down back roads or camping in rural areas.

Not only is the included monocrystalline solar panel more energy efficient than sets that use polycrystalline panels, but it’s also made out of tempered glass, which means it’s designed to easily withstand light debris and even hail. This rugged solar panel setup is perfect for long cross country trips,overlanding or outdoor adventures in the backcountry.

This kit includes everything you need to install a solar panel system, in addition to a fifteen-hundred-watt inverter and a thirty-amp transfer switch. 

Both components are a nice addition because it makes it so when the inverter is switched on, the RV’s outlets still work like they do when you’re plugged in at an RV park. 

Go Power! Weekend ISW RV Kit: What’s In the Box

  • 1x 190 Watt solar panel
  • 1x 1500 Watt pure sine wave inverter
  • 1x 30 amp dual-bank Bluetooth PMW solar controller
  • 1x 30 amp pre-wired Transfer Switch
  • 1x Inverter remote (on/off)
  • 1x DC Inverter Installation Kit
  • 1x 25′ of Positive MC4 Output Cable (#10) red
  • 1x 25′ of Negative MC4 Output Cable (#10) black
  • 1x Mounting Hardware Kit

This solar setup doesn’t require maintenance, fuel, and is totally silent. It’s also a completely green power solution and perfect for long trips. 

You can run your air conditioner, TV, and other appliances, any time of the day or night without the loud noise that generators normally produce.


Package Details 

This kit is designed for any RV lover in need of an affordable and efficient way to charge their RV’s battery when there’s no utility power available. 

This complete solar kit is a perfect choice for cabins, RVs, boats and overlanders, and it eliminates the loud noise that comes with using a fuel-based portable generator. 

This kit is also expandable, so you can add as many solar panels as you need for your specific setup.

Go Power! Solar Panel

The solar panel in this kit is a 190 watt panel. That provides plenty of power to keep batteries topped off and can even provide the power needed for power hungry electronics.

GoPower ISW RV Kit 190 Watt Solar Panel

As an example, you can run audio sound equipment, AC appliances, laptops, a blender, your TV, and more. This kit features a 190 watt solar panel, and a 1500 watt pure sine wave inverter and everything you’ll need to install and connect inverter and solar panel system.

Go Power! has been selling this solar panel for years, and it is a sturdy, reliable, well-designed panel.

Charge Controller

Go Power! ISW RV Kit Bluetooth Solar Charge ControllerOf course, no solar panel setup is complete without a top of the line charge controller. This charge controller not only controls the solar power flow to the RV’s battery, it’s also able to handle multiple batteries. It comes equipped with a large LCD screen which will allow you to monitor the solar panel’s performance and the charging status of the battery. 


Go Power! ISW RV Kit 1500 Watt Pure Sine Wave InverterThe pure sine wave inverter can handle up to fifteen hundred watts and provides pure AC power that’s very reliable. So, if you’re in need of pure sine wave energy for sensitive electronics such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, then this kit it a perfect choice. 

Go Power recommends the inverter in this kit for demanding loads including microwaves ovens, appliances, televisions and more.

The GP-ISW1500 is a good choice for powering appliances, electronic equipment like TVs, stereos, computers, or as a source of emergency backup power.

– Go Power


The fact that this set is also expandable is a huge selling point. If you love how this system performs, but you need more power, you can invest in an expansion kit and double the kit’s solar power absorption performance. This will allow you to slowly expand the system over time, as your budget allows. 

Solar Panel Quality 

How many solar panels do I need for my RV? This can depend on the type of solar panel, in addition to your power needs. Considering this is a monocrystalline panel, you won’t need to use several panels to get the right amount of power as you would if you had a polycrystalline setup. 

This kit includes a single one-hundred-and-ninety-watt monocrystalline solar panel, which is considered the most energy efficient type of solar panel on the market. Since this type of solar panel is much more energy efficient than the polycrystalline solar panels you’ll find in the HQST Polycrystalline Solar Panel Off-Grid RV and Boat Kit you can expect improved power flow. 

These solar panels are made out of silicon ingots. In order to lower cost and optimize performance, four sizes of the solar cell are cut out of the ingots in order to make silicon wafers. As we have mentioned, this type of solar panel has the highest efficiency rating of any type of solar panel on the market. This is because they’re made out of the highest silicon grade. Their efficiency rates are usually around twenty percent. This type of panel is also very space efficient. Since they yield a much higher power output compared to polycrystalline panels, they’re able to produce more than four times the amount of power, which means you won’t need use as many panels. 

However, because this type of solar panel is top-quality, you can expect to pay a higher initial cost. 

Additionally, if part of the panel is covered by snow, debris, dirt, or shade, the entire circuit can break down. 

This panel is more efficient in warm weather conditions.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly solar panel kit for your RV, click here to read our buyer’s guide, which also includes reviews of the top five models of solar panel kits on the market. 


This model is covered by a twenty-five-year power output warranty, a five-year warranty on the materials and solar panel, and a one-year warranty on workmanship and material. 


Since it’s just a single panel, the assembly process is fast and easy. The manufacturer includes detailed, easy to follow instructions, so you can expect to spend approximately forty-five minutes installing this kit. The step by step guide includes images, making this installation process simple and  beginner-friendly. 


Hands down, many RV owners feel that this is one of the most energy-efficient models on the market. It features top of the line components, detailed instructions, and the manufacturer offers excellent customer support. With just a single solar panel the system will provide the battery with enough juice to run a wide range of devices and appliances. 

Unlike systems that use polycrystalline panels, which are very delicate, you won’t have to worry about inclement weather conditions such as high winds or hail storms ruining the panel. The panel is built tough and designed to withstand plenty of use and abuse. The tempered glass design works well to protect the panel from mild to moderate damage caused by flying debris.

Additionally, you won’t have to wipe this panel down several times a day in order to ensure it’s able to efficiently absorb sunlight. However, in order to keep the system in top form, the manufacturer does recommend wiping down the panel once a week.


  • Powerful despite the fact it only comes with a single solar panel
  • Monocrystalline solar panel technology
  • Includes controller, wiring and all mounting hardware
  • Excellent warranty
  • Made with tempered glass for ultimate protection against hail and flying debris
  • Simple assembly 
  • Variety of mounting options
  • Expandable


  • Panel must be wiped down once a week in order to avoid affecting its ability to absorb sunlight.
  • High price tag
Go Power! Weekender ISW RV Solar Kit Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating Updated November, 2020: (5/5)

Go Power! Weekender ISW Complete Solar and Inverter SystemGo Power did an impressive job of putting together an RV solar panel kit that provides the type of power you need for a longer outdoor adventure. The price can be a drawback for some, but we can assure you that the higher price tag is worth it. This solar panel system is built tough and designed to handle a wide range of weather conditions like a champ.

You won’t have to worry about solar panel damage in the event of a windstorm, and you won’t have to stop several times a day to wipe down the panel. Basically, this proven, low maintenance system is very powerful and built tough.

Easy to install, equipped with an inverter, and expandable, this set earned a rating of five out of five stars.



  • Product: Go Power! Weekender ISW
  • Solar Panel Output Power: 190 W/9.3 A
  • Solar Panel Rated DC Voltage: 19.1 V
  • Open-circuit Voltage: 22.5 V
  • Connector Type: MC4
  • Inverter Power: 1500 W
  • Solar Controller: 30 A, PWM dual-bank with USB and 4-Stage Charging
  • Solar Controller Mount: Flush Mount
  • Inverter Remote: On/Off, LED Monitoring
  • Transfer Switch: 30 A
  • Inverter Fuse and Cable Kit: 200 A, #2 Cable

Manufacturer Warranty

  • Solar Panel and Charger: 25 Years Power Output (module)
  • Solar Controller: 5 Years
  • Inverter and Transfer Switch: 2 Years
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