Renogy 400 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar RV Kit review
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Renogy 400 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar RV Kit Review 

The Renogy 400 Watt monocrystalline solar panel RV kit offers four hundred watts of power making it a great option for campers and RV owners who want to go off-grid in an effective, yet simple manner. Some buyers are drawn to this larger set because the manufacturer claims they have made huge improvements based on feedback from their last solar panel kit. What’s new? This new version is said to be bigger and better in just about every way. 

But one of the biggest reasons this set seems to fly off the shelves is the fact that it comes equipped with top of the line monocrystalline solar panels, a great charge control and the confidence that comes with the Renogy name.

Our Verdict: If you want a low maintenance, top of the line solar panel system for your RV, then look no further. The monocrystalline solar panels are much more energy efficient and more powerful than polycrystalline solar panel systems. These are exactly the type of solar panels you need if you’re planning a long trip and want to rely heavily on your RV’s solar panel setup. Click here to see if it’s still available…

Read on to learn more about this best selling set.

Overview and Features 

Monocrystalline solar panels are much more expensive compared to polycrystalline panels, which can be a downside for some. But if you want a more effective, powerful solar panel system, you can’t go wrong with a monocrystalline system. This type of solar panel has been around for years and they’re made using the Czochralski method in which there’s a silicon crystal seed that’s place in a large vat of liquid silicon. This crystal seed is drawn up through the liquid silicon and forms a type of solid crystal surface around the seed. This crystal structure, known as the ingot, is thinly sliced into silicon wafers, which are then used to create a solar panel cell.

This type of solar panel has a higher efficiency rating compared to polycrystalline panels. Not only are they considered more energy efficient, but they also feature a space-saving design, which will allow you to install more panels on your RV. These panels are able to produce significantly more power per square foot of space compared to other types of solar panel technologies, such as thin film panels.

As you can see, the higher price tag is a trade off for a system you can really depend on to meet your energy needs when you’re on the road or camping out. Additionally, these panels will last much longer than other styles of solar panels because they’re made out of crystalline silicon. This is a very sturdy, stable material that can easily last twenty to thirty years.

Often, lower priced solar panel systems struggle to work as efficiently in cold weather compared to warm weather. These solar panels have the same issue, however, this type of degradation of output is minimal compared to polycrystalline systems.

This solar panel kit will allow you to run low watt electronics and devices without a power hookup. This kit includes four one hundred-watt solar panels, the Adventurer 30 charge controller, a sixteen-foot 10 AWG tray cable, and a thirty-foot 10 AWG adapter kit. The set also includes one set of corner brackets and one set of Z brackets, so you can choose how you want to mount the panels. 

If you’re not sure this setup is big enough for your RV and power needs, check out our article on how many solar panels you need for your RV.

Charge Controller

The included top of the line 30A PWM charger controller is designed for RV use and it allows you to cleanly mount it flush with the walls. It has also been negative-grounded for improved battery compatibility. 

The controller features a large LCD screen that will display all of the system’s operating info, giving you total control of the controller’s parameters. The charge controller is loaded with electronic protection functions and self-diagnostic capabilities that are designed to prevent damage system faults or human error during installation. This will allow you to closely monitor the solar energy system around the clock. 

Cable Housing     

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The cable entry housing is the perfect solution for cable entry through the roof of the RV. The cable is made out of ABS plastic, so you know it’s tough. It’s also UV-resistant and waterproof, allowing for a fast, simple cable entry solution for any type of RV. The housing features a dual cable entry, so the housing can easily pass through the solar cables, resulting in a smoother installation process. 


The one hundred-watt solar panels are made out of monocrystalline and can be connected in a parallel formation using a few pairs of branch style connectors. Ideally, this system can provide two thousand watt-hours a day, which means it can fully charge a two hundred AH battery at half charge in as little as three hours in good lighting conditions. The included charge controller has been upgraded to a new 30 model. The two twenty feet MC4 connector adapter kit extends the cables, making this system ideal for remote control. 

The kit comes with everything you’ll need to charge a battery bank or battery that’s twenty-four or twelve-volts. 

You’ll also be happy with the easy installation and set up process. The charge controller is pretty basic and easy to understand. 

Renogy 400 Watt RV Kit Performance 

This RV solar panel setup is pretty powerful and can provide more than enough energy to keep you and your family nice and comfortable on your cross-country vacation. Unlike a polycrystalline system, you don’t need to constantly keep on top of cleaning and maintenance. Even if the surface of the panels are dusty they’ll still be able to efficiently absorb sunlight. 

The installation process is very straightforward, thanks to the well-written instructions. 

Additionally, the solar panels in this set are nothing short of impressive. However, because this set uses monocrystalline solar panels, you can expect a much higher price tag. However, it’s a much more affordable option than its top competitor, the WindyNation four-hundred-watt RV kit, which goes for almost twice the price. 

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a more affordable RV solar panel kit, you may want to view other options in our read our RV solar panel buyer’s guide. 

Solar Panel Quality 

These solar panels are top of the line. Monocrystalline solar panels were the first solar panels invented, so they’ve been around for years, providing evidence of longevity and durability. The installation, performance, and technology issues are well understood. 

These solar panels are able to convert the highest amount of solar energy into electricity compared to any other type of solar panel on the market. These solar panels are a great choice for RV use, or even in urban settings. 

These panels have the highest efficiency rating since they’re made out of high-grade silicon. They have a typical efficiency rating of approximately twenty percent. They’re also very space efficient. Because they yield the highest power output, they also require the least amount of space compared to other types of solar panels. 

Compared to thin film solar panels, the panels in this set can produce four times as much energy. Pretty impressive right? 

They also have the longest lifespan and tend to perform better in low light conditions compared to other types of solar panels. 

The fact that this set uses monocrystalline solar panels is one of the reasons it comes with a higher price tag. In fact, these solar panels are the most expensive type on the market. But considering the amount of pure energy they produce, even on overcast days, you’ll quickly find that this investment was worth every penny. 


  • Monocrystalline solar panels 
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Consistent panel output 
  • Hardware included 
  • Easy to use charge controller 


  • High Price Tag 
  • Performs better in hot weather than cold weather
Renogy Monocrystalline Solar RV Kit Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating Updated November, 2020: (4.5/5)

Renogy 400 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar RV Kit

Not all solar panel sets can deliver the type of energy efficient performance that most manufacturers claim they can. Obviously, the biggest selling point for this system is the fact that it includes top of the line solar panels that have a reputation for power and durability. Not only will you not have to worry about constantly wiping them down, but you also don’t have to worry about them cracking or breaking during your outdoor adventure.

This solar panel RV system by Renogy comes with everything the RV lover needs to get started. In terms of performance, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another system in this price range that can compare.

This package includes top of the line monocrystalline solar panels, so you know you have a system that will deliver the amount of power it claims it can. Overall, this system is easy to use, comes with an adjustable charge controller, a variety of mounting options and hardware, and can provide enough juice to keep you nice and cool throughout the night during those hot summer months. Powerful, reliable, and a solid performer, we gave this set a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

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Renogy 400 Watts Monocrystalline Solar RV Kit
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