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Wen PowerPro 56101 Inverter Generator Review

November, 2020

If you plan on traveling in your RV or you’re going camping, you need a powerful, compact, and quiet generator that can provide a reliable performance. This model by Wen, the PowerPro is a one-thousand-watt inverter generator that will come in handy for a variety of applications from tailgating and for an emergency power backup to camping and construction. 

Our Verdict: Should you rely on this generator to power all of your gear during your camping trip? The answer is no. This generator is a tough little model, but the truth is, it can only handle one major electronic device or appliance at a time. If you need a simple, basic generator to keep your phones, tables, or laptops charged, this model is a great choice, especially if you’re on a tight budget. But if you have serious power needs on the road, you may want to opt for a more powerful model and a generator that can handle larger electronic devices without struggling. Click here to see if it’s still available…

Continue reading to learn more about what the Wen PowerPro generator has to offer.

Overview and Features 

Wen produces some great, lower priced power tools, pressure washers, and generators, not to mention a wide range of snow throwers, log splitters, and air compressors. This major brand name often keeps their prices low by skimping on extra features, and instead focuses on the basics such as efficient power, durable designs, and a reliable performance.

Not every camper or RV owner is searching for the biggest, most powerful inverter generator they can find. In fact, many campers who are tight on space and don’t have much wiggle room in their budget are looking for lower powered, reliable inverter generators that can power up a few essential devices such as laptops, smartphones, or a coffeemaker. 

This model doesn’t have a lot of flash to offer, in fact, it’s pretty basic in terms of power. But what it lacks in power it makes up for in convenience and ease of use. 

This is a killer generator if you’re in need of a model that features a lightweight design and comes equipped with some great safety features. 

This model is both CARB and EPA compliant, which ensure you’ll never find yourself without power when you need it the most. 

This generator comes with a variety of features packed into a sleek, compact design. Weighing in at just thirty-six pounds, this is the lightest model we’ve reviewed.  It comes equipped with a built-in plastic handle that makes stowing it and carrying it a cinch. 

It can be used as your emergency power backup, or you can take it tailgating or camping. It’s a versatile model, although it doesn’t come with the type of power you can expect from higher priced models, such as the Westinghouse iGen2200 Super Quiet inverter generator. 

The generator is also equipped with four rubber pads designed to improve stability.

There’s also no need to worry about using this model outdoors since it’s equipped with a spark arrestor. The spark arrestor significantly reduces the risk of fire and allows the generator to be used in all national forests and parks. 


This generator also comes with a two-pronged twelve-volt DC outlet and one three-pronged AC outlet. Thanks to the included voltmeter, there’s no guesswork involved. You can easily monitor the generator’s power output and know the exact amount of voltage it’s generating, via the power meter that’s highly visible on the generator’s exterior. It’s possible to plug in a couple of smartphones to charge at the same time, however, you’ll be unable to have two smaller devices and a mid to large sized device plugged in, all at once. Doing so can cause this generator to overheat.


One of the quietest models of inverter generators on the market, this generator is rated at sixty decibels at twenty-two feet. That makes this generator quieter than the sound of a phone ringing, so it’s suitable for a wide variety of environments. Of course, this low level of noise is also due to the generator’s limited power capabilities. 


The generator’s one-gallon tank provides five hours of run time when at a fifty percent load. Basically, you’ll be able to plug in a couple of phones, or a smaller appliance such as an alarm clock or a humidifier. Anything more and the run time is essentially cut in half. 


This model uses a gas/oil mixture for power, which totally eliminates the need for oil changes.  


The on and off switch makes starting the generator fast and simple, not to mention very beginner-friendly.


The generator is able to produce nine hundred watts of power during operation, after starting with one thousand watts. Despite this type of power output, the generator’s noise is well-shrouded thanks to the spark arrestor which makes it safer to use in forests and parks. However, this level of power can be very limiting and may make this generator a poor choice if your power needs are high. This model will struggle more the closer it gets to nine hundred watts of power output. It’s a better choice for charging and running smaller electronic devices and appliances such as a blender. 

Additionally, this generator is not a good choice for running major appliances that have high power needs, such as an AC.


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Since this model has met both EPA and CARB standards, you can use this model in almost any environment. 

This model is equipped with two outlets, in addition to circuit reset buttons.

If you’re looking for a small, mid-priced inverter generator that will complement the best RV solar panel setup, this generator is a great choice. 

Since it offers a max wattage of one thousand watts and has a running power at nine hundred watts, you might expect it to power your whole RV setup or all your gear at a campsite. Instead, this model can handle one tough appliance at a time, such as a microwave or laptop. This generator just doesn’t have enough power to do it all. 

If you want a more versatile model and one that’s packing twice the power, you can click here to view our camp generators buying guide where you’ll find more models of leading inverter generators. 

Since this generator is so small, handling it is easy. While some models may move with the reverberations of the generator, this model will stay put, thanks to the four stabilizer pads that are attached to its four stands. The noise level is very low since the exhaust system does an excellent job of muffling sound. Because the generator uses an oil and gas mixture you’ll no longer have to worry about tedious maintenance with this model since oil changes have been eliminated. The generator also saves on fuel, so a one-gallon tank will last for up to five hours when the generator is carrying half a load. 

Additionally, you’ll no longer have to worry about environmental authorities hassling you about generator use when you’re camping because this model comes equipped with the spark arrestor. 

This is an affordable, compact generator that’s reliable and easy to use. With a variety of features crammed into this small package, you’ll get plenty of use out of this innovative little generator. 

Where this Generator Shines

If you have realistic expectations in terms of performance and power, then this little generator can be a smart buy. If you want to rough it on your next camping trip, but you need to stay somewhat connected to the outside world, then this generator can keep your essential devices charged. Use this generator to keep your phones and laptop charged, or to power a small coffee maker. Just keep in mind that it’s simply not powerful enough to run an AC, TV, or other large electronic device.


  • Lightweight design and the built-in handle makes this model very portable
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent safety features 


  • Not powerful enough to charge a variety of appliances at the same time 
Wen PowerPro 56101 Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating Updated November, 2020: (4/5)

PowerPro 56101

This Wen generator may seem pretty limiting in terms of power capabilities, but it can provide a reliable performance if you use it correctly and keep its power output at fifty to sixty percent.

Reasonably priced, this model has received a lot of positive feedback from consumers. When you consider its compact design and weight, you can easily see why this model is the go-to choice for the avid camper. If you don’t have high power needs, then the PowerPro should serve you adequately.

If you’re tired of roughing it when you’re camping in the backcountry, or you need a generator that provides enough power to charge small appliances on your RV, the PowerPro is a great option. However, this isn’t a very powerful model and not one that can handle charging several devices at once. Since it’s lacking in wattage you shouldn’t rely on it as your main power source. This model received a rating of four out of five stars.

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