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Westinghouse iGen2200 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator Review 

November, 2020

In the past, the only real option for backup power was large conventional generators. But those days are long gone. These days, you can purchase a lighter, compact model, such as the Westinghouse iGen2200 Super Quiet portable inverter generator. This efficient, small generator provides on-demand power that can handle even sensitive devices such as smartphones and laptops. This model is perfect for camping, household use, and even tailgating. Reasonably priced, this generator is a great buy for your next camping trip and received plenty of positive feedback from campers who claim it’s one of the most reliable inverter generators on the market. 

Our Verdict: Hands down, if you have a lot of sensitive electronics to charge or run, then this is the model you need. It’s not only easy to use, it comes equipped with a couple of USB ports designed specifically for sensitive electronics and has a high wattage rating. However, in terms of noise, this model is only whisper quiet when it’s kept at fifty percent power usage or under.

The generator’s power capabilities are nothing short of impressive, which is what easily makes this model our top-rated choice and a must-have inverter generator for camp outs and RV use. Click here to see if it’s still available…

Read on to learn more about the iGen2200.

Overview and Features 

This is a gas-powered inverter generator that offers a wide variety of features that make this model easier and safer to use compared to other models in this price range. This generator is perfect as an emergency backup generator because it’s so powerful and reliable. However, it’s also designed for outdoor use for applications including camping and boating. 

The simple plug in and play functionality makes the generator a good choice for newbies. 

Unlike other brands of converter generators, this model features a couple of five-volt USB ports you can use to plug in your electronics, such as a tablet or phone. For larger appliances that have higher power needs, you can plug them into the one-hundred and twenty-volt outlet. The generator has a total max capacity of twenty-two hundred watts, with a watt rating of eighteen hundred. 

This rating may confuse people who are totally new to using inverter generators or generators in general. While the generator can handle up to twenty-two hundred watts of power, the manufacturer recommends only using a max load of eighteen hundred watts. The remaining power capacity is reserved in the event of a power surge, for the generator’s protection and the protection of any electronics. This amount of wiggle room is pretty impressive. 

Solar Power Use

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This type of powerful inverter generator can be used with the best RV solar panels, so you can enjoy twice the power. Of course, how many solar panels you need for your RV will depend on your power needs. But considering this generator is so powerful, one four-hundred-watt panel should be sufficient. Before you purchase a solar panel system, or if you have an existing solar panel setup on your RV, make sure this generator is compatible. Most users reported that this model is very versatile and works with a wide range of solar panel systems, however, some solar panel systems have strict power restrictions. If you’re not sure if this generator will work with your setup, contact customer service to inquire whether or not this generator will be the right fit. 

Noise Rating 

This generator is the perfect choice for camping considering it operates quietly even at a fifty percent load. This is due to the cooling fans and mufflers that help to reduce the noise during operation. Keep in mind, once you go over fifty percent power usage this model can start making some noise. While it’s not as loud as a gas-powered generator by any means, it can still be considered disruptive in certain environments. This type of increase in noise during operation when over fifty percent power usage is pretty standard with most inverter generators. Additionally, this model is virtually silent under fifty percent, which is a huge selling point. 

Fuel Efficiency 

It’s also considered more fuel efficient than its top competing model the Wen PowerPro. 

Operating on just a little over one gallon of fuel, this generator can run for an impressive ten hours at twenty-five percent load capacity. 


The 79 CC OHV engine produces safer and cleaner electricity than a conventional generator, with a pure sine wave. This type of powerful engine allows this model to easily power a variety of devices without struggling or overheating. 

Intended Use

Perfect for camping, tailgating, RV use, and home use. This generator can be used as an emergency power backup at home, for one major appliance, or it can be used to power a few smaller electronics.

Parallel Compatible

This model is set up for parallel connection, so you can enjoy a higher max wattage. Parallel operation will allow you to hook up the generator with another compatible generator. This means you’ll enjoy twice the power and twice the run time. So, if you want to power a larger appliance such as an AC, TV, or stove, then parallel operation will allow you to do so with some power to spare so you can charge smaller electronics such as phones, tablets, or laptops. 

Safety Features

The generator is equipped with some great safety features including a low-oil automatic shutoff feature and an overload protection feature. Both of these features will save plenty of wear and tear on the generator. The safety features also make it safe to run this generator when you’re sleeping. If you need a generator that can handle running your AC during the night, the iGen2200 is an excellent choice. 


This model comes with a panel display that shows the hour meter, frequency, and voltage.  It’s also CARB certified, which means it provides a cleaner, safer emissions level compared to conventional generators. This is a reasonably priced generator that won’t hit your wallet too hard. It comes with some nice advanced features and it’s very reliable, providing excellent value for the money. If you’re looking for a dependable generator as your emergency backup power supply at home, or you need a generator you can rely on for boating or camping purposes, then look no further. 

Like with many higher quality generators, the iGen 2200 is safe for sensitive electronics use. The energy it produces is less than three percent THD. Actually, the generator works similarly to your outlet at home, power wise. Thanks to the five-volt USB ports, charging your tablets and smartphones is much easier. 

Additionally, you can also power up a lamp or laptop using the one-hundred-and-twenty-volt outlet. 

The generator’s overload protection feature, and low-oil shutoff feature are excellent safety features that every generator should have but don’t. 

Obviously, another huge selling point for this model is its quiet operation at fifty percent load capacity. The noise is much lower than the average conversation, which makes it perfect for nighttime use in places where you don’t want to disturb people, such as at a campsite. 

Even though this model is highly rated for its features and price, this generator does come with some drawbacks. If you want to keep the generator totally silent, you’ll have to run it at half load. 

If you’re looking for a generator with a better noise rating, click here to check out our camp generator buyer’s guide where you’ll find other leading models. 


The generator is covered under a three-year product warranty. The manufacturer also offers lifetime technical support. 

Highly Portable

Typically, a generator with this type of power rating weighs over fifty pounds. But this generator was designed with portability and ease of use in mind. If you need a solid generator you can rely on, and one that’s easy to transport, then look no further. This model comes complete with a built-in handle that makes it easy to transport the generator from your vehicle to your campsite. It also only weighs in at forty-six pounds, making it highly portable. 


  • Silent-running at half power capacity
  • Highly portable
  • Lightweight design 
  • High wattage
  • Great safety features 
  • Ten hours of operation at twenty-five percent operation


  • The generator is only whisper quiet when set to fifty percent power capacity. 
Westinghouse iGen2200 Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating Updated November, 2020: (5/5)

Westinghouse iGen2200This generator is a perfect example of exactly why inverter generators are so popular. It offers longer than average operation when switched to twenty-five percent power load. This means you can use it during the night to power a heater or other small appliance, without having to get up to refill the fuel tank. 

It also offers easy setup, so it’s perfect for campers with no prior generator experience. 

If space is always an issue for you and your family on a camping trip, then the generator’s lightweight, compact design should be a huge selling point. 

While it’s not whisper quiet unless it’s turned down to half power capacity, it’s still a solid performer and a steal for the price. 

The iGen 2200 portable inverter generator by Westinghouse is a great choice for both outdoor and home use. It’s reliable, efficient, and priced affordably. We gave this model a rating of five out of five stars.

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